Agile Pendulum Multi- Scale Guitar 

What Russian does not enjoy a fast ride? — Mykola Hohol (a famous Russian writer of Ukrainian origin) once asked, and was quite right asking this rhetorical question, as it applies to this custom electric guitar and its owner, Aleksey in so many ways. Seven-string (acoustic) guitars were very much in the Russian musical tradition of XIX and first half of the XX century. What role did this heritage play in Aleksey's purchasing and experimenting with this guitar remains a mystery, as he typically preferred six-string instruments. The variable scale neck, extended range and minimum of electronics must have kept him focused on the music making process and inspired a lot of fast rides along that wide and slim neck.

Fanned-fret guitars, ideal electric guitars for blues musicians,  have a multi-scale fingerboard because of "offset" frets; that is, frets that extend from the neck of the guitar at an angle. This is in contrast to the standard perpendicular arrangement of other guitars. Proponents of this style of guitar claim such benefits as comfort, better ergonomics, better intonation, and better control of the tension of the strings across the fretboard. 

This model must be custom or a limited run, as we could not find the exact specifications for it. Here are some approximate specs:

Seven string design
Swam ash body
Satin finish
Variable scale neck
One hum-bucking pickup
One volume control
Hard-shell case

Multi-Scale design with scale range of 25.5" to 27"

3 piece maple neck
Cepheus Alpha 7 pickup
Rosewood fretboard with no markers - position markers are located on the side of the neck
24 Extra Jumbo 2.9 mm frets and a 13.7" (350mm) radius neck for fast play
Grover Die Cast tuners
Custom Agile bridge
Reverse headstockl length, including the strap button: 41"

Width of the neck at the nut: 1 7/8"
Width of the neck at the 22nd fret: 2 3/16"
Uniform neck profile - for ultra fast playing - 21.5mm at the first fret and 22mm at the 12th fret
Radius: 13.7"
Weight: only 9 lbs!