Brice HXB-405 Nat Bubinga Fretless Bass


Fretless string instruments are not uncommon in the bass-guitar world, as many jazz and classical up-right bass players can handle fretless bass guitars with ease and elegance. Experienced fretted bass-guitarists would typically have a fretless instrument in their arsenal and play it with no problem on suitable occasions, e.g. recording sessions or selected gigs, usually jazz or acoustic inclined. Aleksey was not a bass player per se, but his instrument collection included a fretless bass: five string Brice.  Eugene Borovikov remembers Aleksey playing it at one of the quieter 95BBW mid-summer jam sessions: he sounded quite melodic, as a violin-trained guitar player should.


· 35" scale length

· Dual cutaway, contoured, solid alder body

· Headstock matches body

· Highly figured bubinga top

· String-through bridge design for maximum attack and sustain

· Active pickups with active/passive pull tap, bass, treble, balance, and volume controls

· Separate battery compartment lets you change batteries quickly

· Bolt-on maple neck with 6-bolts for excellent stability

· Rosewood fingerboard features positon markers on side of neck

· Adjustable truss rod

· All black die-cast hardware for an incredible look


· Overall length, not including the strap button: 44 1/2"

· Scale length: 35"

· Width of body at the lower bout: 12 5/8"

· Thickness of body at the strap button: 1 3/4"

· Width of the neck at the nut: 1 3/4"

· Width of the neck at the 24th fret: 2 3/4"

· Neck profile (thickness) at first fret: 13/16"

· Neck profile (thickness) at 12th fret: 15/16"

· Pickups: 4" x 1 1/2"

· String spacing at the bridge: 16 mm

· String gauges: .030, .045, .080, .100, .125

· Weight: only 9 pounds