Parker Nitefly

Talk about futuristic electric guitar designs and versatility. This one was likely made in the late 1990s. It uses many novel ideas and materials that became available then including their patented carbon fiber/glass/epoxy composite most apparent in the neck and the fingerboard. Along with the two hum bucking pickups for normal electric guitar tones, this guitar sports piezo sensors under each string for simulating acoustic guitar sounds. Aleksey was quite enthusiastic about all those features since he loved sound experiments and with this guitar sky was the limit. The piezo pickup required a battery, other electronics was passive and sounded well in any setting. It is a solo-guitar satisfying the most demanding player and covering practically any gig or recording situation; a perfect companion for a great musical such as Aleksey.

    Swamp ash body
    Mahogany neck
    2 custom-wound DiMarzio humbuckers
    6-element Fishman piezo pickup system
    Fishman Powerchip active piezo preamp with "Smart Switching" jack
    Split stereo or sbagummed mono output
    22 stainless steel frets
    Precision-cast aluminum vibrato bridge with stainless steel saddles
    Brushed chrome Sperzel locking tuners
    Chrome dome control knobs
    Includes deluxe gig